This Week in Athletics...


World Youth Championships (France) -- Results -- Brennan wins two medals in 200m and 400m -- Canadian Results -- Interview with Brennan

Canadian Jr. Championships (Winnipeg) -- Results

Aileen Maegher Track Classic (Halifax)-- Results

Other Results:

Runners Choice Distance Series (London) -- Results

Victoria Q's Series (Victoria) -- Results Coming

Manitoba Summer Jam (Winnpeg) -- Results Coming

Regina Twilight (Regina) -- Results

Toronto Twilight Series (Toronto) -- Results

PGCTF Twilight Series (Mount Pearl) -- Results

Corsaire Chaparal Invitational (Montreal) -- Results

Kiwi throws phenomenon Jacko Gill wins World Youth title

American Tyler Mulder beats Borzakovskiy in Madrid

Bolt says he's "not a legend yet." (We beg to differ)

Mottram on the way back

Britons look ahead to life in the sport after Olympics

New U.K. site for potential American-bound athletes

TrackboundUSA Feature with Andrew Lemoncello