TnfNorth CIS Poll #2

(Information about voters: Chris Moulton (Guelph, Ontario), Stephen Gersten (Regina, Saskatchewan), Steve Weiler (London, Ontario), Rich Lehman (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia), Robert Kitz (Halifax, Nova Scotia), John Lofranco (Montreal, Quebec)


CIS Cross Country Championships -- Saturday November 12, 2011 -- Universite Laval -- Laval, Quebec


2010 CIS Championship Results


The University of Guelph remain on top of the latest TnfNorth CIS Poll in their quest to continue their record-breaking streak of CIS Cross Country Championships. Close behind on their heels are the Windsor men and McMaster women both of whom were within a couple points of an incomplete Gryphons team at the Western International.


Men's Poll #2
Team Votes Last Poll
1) Guelph (6) 60 1
2) Windsor 54 2
3) Western Ontario 42 3
4) Victoria 40 4
5) Regina 28 7
6) Queens 26 5
7) Calgary 24 8
8) McMaster 21 6
9) Laval 15 9
10) Toronto 6 Not ranked
Also receiving votes: Manitoba (4), Alberta (4), Sherbooke (3), Saint Francis Xavier (2)

MEN'S NOTES: Guelph has yet to run a full squad heading into its home meet at the Vic Matthews Open next weekend....Windsor appears to have more depth than last season and edged an incomplete Guelph squad by one point at Western led by an individual win by Matt Walters. They will meet again at Vic Matthews....Western Ontario precariously holds on for third after Victoria ran to second place at Western Washington.....Regina moves into the top-five on the backs of Kelly Wiebe's individual performance at Roy Griak. Wiebe and Regina will also run at Vic Matthews this weekend.



Women's Poll #2
Team Votes Last Poll
1) Guelph (5) 59 1
2) McMaster (1) 55 2
3) Victoria 41 3
4) Western Ontario 32 5
5) Calgary 31 4
6) McGill 28 8
7) Dalhousie 27 6
8) Saint Francis Xavier 17 7
9) Saskatchewan 14 Not ranked
10) Toronto 10 Not ranked
Also receiving votes: Alberta (8), Queens (3), Laval (2), Windsor (1)


WOMEN'S NOTES: Guelph held off a late surge by McMaster at Western International without a handful of their top five but McMaster looked good again at Loyola Lakefront and will continue to challenge as Lindsay Carson progresses throughout the season....Victoria finished second at Western Washington and is a favourite for the Stewart Cup....McGill has moved up thanks to the individual exploits of Jessica Porfilio....Tamara Jewett has Toronto back in the top ten and is a legitimate individual title contender in November.