April 2012 Run Canada Month

  • Chris Moulton
    April 2012 has been designated as Run Canada Month. The goal of Run
    Canada Month (an initiative of the Run Canada Committee) is to promote
    the sport of running and to get more people out and active in their
    communities. Run Canada Month will achieve this goal through four focus
    areas: the Run Canada School Program, media engagement, Olympic Athlete
    Support and the Run Canada Races.

    The Run Canada School Program will be focused on the “Can your class run
    a marathon project.” This project will have classes going out and trying
    to cumulatively run a marathon. There will also be information and
    class project suggestions on Canadian Running heroes and the history of
    the sport.

    Through a wide connection of media partners we will be promoting Run
    Canada Month. Included in this aspect of the initiative will be
    articles on training written by many of Canada’s top athletes, local
    running hotspots, racing opportunities, among many others.

    Funds raised through the Run Canada month Olympic Athlete Support
    Program will go to support Canada's Olympic marathoners in their build
    to the 2012 London Games. Over the past year Canada's elite marathoners
    have enjoyed a resurgence punctuated by two athletes, Reid Coolsaet and
    Eric Gillis, achieving Olympic A standard in Toronto in October. With
    several other athletes pursuing Olympic standard it is possible Canada
    will be fielding a full men’s marathon team for London Games. The goal
    of Olympic Athlete Support program is to insure that our athletes are
    not only in London but are there competing. In order to give them the
    best opportunity to compete they need support from the Canadian running
    community. They need resources to take part in a high altitude training
    camps, they need resources to be able to have their coaches and
    therapists with them to support them, they need resources to insure that
    no stone is left unturned as they pursue Olympic glory. The Canadian
    running community is strong and vibrant and we need to support our
    strongest ambassadors.

    Run Canada will be taking donations through the website that will go to
    the Gary Reed Athletic Fund. Athletics Canada has generously agreed to
    match the first $10,000 of donations dollar for dollar. Individuals and
    corporations can also become Run Canada Partners for a minimum donation
    of $1000. As a Run Canada Partner a donor’s logo or name will be
    featured on the Run Canada website and their donation will be announced
    through Run Canada social media campaigns. They will also be able to
    place the Run Canada Partner logo on their website.

    The Run Canada Races will include races across the country during the
    month of April. The races are existing events that will be promoted
    through the Run Canada website and media partners.

    As a Run Canada Marquee Race a race will be featured in the Get Out
    There Magazine Official Event Guide, all of the Run Canada marketing
    efforts with media partners Canadian Running, Irun, Kmag,
    Runnersfeed,com, among many others. Their event will also be featured
    prominently on the Run Canada website and be promoted on the Run Canada
    facebook and twitter page. We will have direct links to their website
    as well as your registration site.

    Being part of the Run Canada Races will not impact any of the race’s
    existing sponsorship arrangements, all Run Canada asks is that the races
    promote themselves as being part of the Run Canada Races and that they
    provide a link to the Run Canada site on the race website. With this
    being the first year of Run Canada Month the biggest focus is raising
    awareness of the event and Rum Canada greatly appreciates any support
    the Canadian Running Community can offer in helping with this goal.

    A Run Canada Month website will be launched in the near future at
    runcanada.ca and Run Canada looks forward to having runners from across
    the country engaged in the event. Any questions can be directed to
    Marie-Christine Cote and Chris Moulton at events@runcanada.ca.
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    Which gets doubled with AC matching.


    Yes indeed! We better not get AC to match too many donations, they might not be able to fund the Relay Teams!