Moulton's Musings: Eleven Stories To Watch In 2011

Eleven Stories To Watch In 2011

1. Chasing Drayton
36 years and counting. Is this the year Jerome Drayton's Canadian marathon record goes down. Three guys ran under 2:13 this year, plus we had the debut of Simon Bairu and the anticipated debut of Rob Watson. Coolsaet and Gillis are slated to run in London this Spring -- will it happen there or could we see the showdown of the ages in Toronto?

2. Will either of Sully's OFSAA 1500m or Anderson's 3000m records go down?
A fantastic group of Ontario high-school athletes, which includes four members of Canada's World Junior Cross Country team, as well as Rwandan refugee Yves Sikuwabo will be in hot pursuit of either of two of the most storied records in Canadian athletics. TnfNorth High School Athlete of The Year Rob Denault set the Canadian Youth record this past summer -- can he take off the 3 seconds necessary to get Sully's record? What about Anderson's 8-flat -- is Sikuwabo the man for the job? Tall orders indeed but It could be an exciting weekend in Sudbury.

3. Priscilla Lopes-Schliep
Bronze in Beijing, Silver in Berlin, will it be gold in Daegu? What else can the Diamond League Champion and unquestionably Canada's biggest track and field star do to top 2010.

4. Rob Guy at AC
The new man at the helm. Guy had a rough start with the surprising retirement of one of Canada's biggest stars. In our current Own The Podium system medals are all that matter and Reed's departure took away one of Canada’s strongest medal chances.

5. Sam Effah
Can he break 10 and become the first CIS athlete to ever do so? If he can, what does sub 10 mean in a 9.58 world?

6. Sheila Reid
What does indoors and outdoors have in store for NCAA Cross Country Champion? Will she stick with the 1500 or move up and give Megan Wright (Metcalfe) some competition in the 5000?

7. What is the water in Kamloops?
Tnfnorth Coach Of The Year Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk's group had an incredible 2010. Can the coach of 14 Olympic or World Championship medalists produce one for Canada?


8. 1500m Women
In 2009, our friends to the south had a breakout year over 1500m led by Shannon Rowbury's bronze medal at the World Championships. The 1500 has been arguably Canada's deepest event over the past 6-8 years. Can someone of Nicole Edwards, Malindi Elmore, Hilary Stellingwerff, Carmen Douma-Hussar, Julia Howard, Diane Cummins, ... either breakthrough (or in some cases return) to a World Champions final level?


9. World Junior Redux
As many of them move into the senior ranks, what does 2011 have in store for the Canadian stars of Moncton 2010. Will we see any of them in Daegu?

10. Nate Brannen
With new coach Wynn Grimitoski and relatively new training location in Tallahassee, Florida and new business Capital City Runners, what is left for Nate Brannen? Can he get back to the Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, Olympic Semi-Finalist form of before? This could be the year to find out.

11. Carding
One of the most controversial and hotly discussed issues of 2010. What changes are in store for 2011? What were the affects of the 2010 changes, some will take years to see and some may become clear quite rapidly.